Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What plants are poisonous for pets?

A. There are 17 poisonous plants. Here's the list:
- Lilies
- Marijuana
- Sago Palm
- Tulip/Narcissus Bulbs
- Azalea/Rhododendron
- Oleander
- Castor Bean
- Cyclamen
- Kalanchoe
- Yew
- Amaryllis
- Autumn Crocus
- Chrysanthemum
- English Ivy
- Peace Lily
- Pothos
- Schefflera

Check out this video about the 17 poisonous plants.

Q. What are the symptoms if my pet ingests a toxic plant?

A. These plants are known to cause vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, irritation, seizures and even cardiac arrest. Contact your vet as soon as possible if you suspect your pet has ingested a toxic plant.

Helpful Links

The Humane Society
Peggy Adams Animal Rescue
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